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About Unicow Farm

Unicow Farm

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Unicow Farm Pond

We have been living in South Chesterfield, VA since 2000 but our orgins are in Chesterfield, VA and Vicksburg, MS. We moved into our house during a snow and ice storm. The moving truck almost didn't make it but after knocking down a few tree limbs, the movers showed up.

We have been asked many times about the origin of the name "Unicow Farm". We combined two of our hobbies to construct the name. Janet collects Unicorns and I collect Cows. Hence the name "Unicow".

We have 20+ acres of land with about 6 acres of fields, 3 acres of pond and the remaining 11+ acres in woods. The pond is well stocked with big mouth bass, catfish, sunfish and crappie. Our friends really enjoy it as I do not fish and Janet prefers to feed them at supper time.

Our outside cat, Mr. Picanica, who joined us in 2012. He is our outside mouser, squirrel chaser and sometimes bird eater. We are trying to change the bird eating bit. We guessed Picanica was a he. Picanica is really a she but we still call her Mr.

Our outside dog was"Oscar The Hound Dog". We had to re-home him as we were not able to handle him due to his size and energy.  He is a black and tan coon hound.  He brought all sorts of energy into our lives. His favorite thing was chewing anything that is available expecially pine branches. He liked running through the woods, cooling off in the pond and playing. He is sorely missed.

We had two Border Collie dogs named Big Dog and Dazy. They passed in 2012. We mourn them as everyday is lonely without their companionship.

We had two inside cats, Jo_Jo and Boomer.. They passed in 2013. We miss them and their companionship immensely.

Our inside fish was Mr. Nemo. He died after a long and happy life.